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People centered. Planet conscious. Purpose driven.

Knwble Grwn is a brand with a mission to support what matters most people and the planet. Our products are produced by small or traditionally underrepresented farmers who use regenerative agricultural practices to help protect the environment.

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Why Knwble Grwn?

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We are building a sustainably sourced, plant-based food ingredients portfolio grown by small, local or traditionally underrepresented farmers who share our passion for the environment. Knwble Grwn was inspired by a women- and minority-led team to create a complete product line that is people centered, planet conscious and purpose driven.

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Our Products


Knwble Grwn oils are plant-based goodness and a great alternative to traditional oils. Seeds are mechanically pressed without chemical solvents or high heat so vital nutrients remain intact.

Seeds & Grains

Knwble Grwn seeds and grains are an ideal addition to a well-balanced diet. They are a great way to add protein, fiber and essential ALAs to your meals.

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About Knwble Grwn

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People Centered

Rooted in partnerships

We are focused on partnering with local, small or traditionally underrepresented farmers who prioritize sustainability and biodiversity, as well as providing consumers more transparency from farm gate to dinner plate. Knwble Grwn reaches beyond ecological impacts to contribute to social equity and provides farmers with exciting new channels to deliver their products to market.

People Centered

Planet Conscious

Nurturing nature

The regenerative ag practices used by our growers promote biodiversity and soil health and help protect air and water quality. Our products, such as flax and hemp, can add a rotational crop to a farmer's operation to help further support soil health and biodiversity.

Planet Conscious

Purpose Driven

Plant-powered goodness

Knwble Grwn products are full of plant-based goodness from nutrient-rich seeds and grains that boost and support a well-balanced diet. They are free of additives and many allergens, providing alternative versatile cooking ingredients so consumers can buy, cook and eat more thoughtfully.

Purpose Driven